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Designated Driver Services

When coming to wine country, take the worry out of wine tasting and driving. We’ll provide you with a private tour guide so you may enjoy your experience to the fullest!

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Licensed and insured Designated Driver Service

At Wine Tasting Driver our services are based around driving our clients’ car, whether it’s a personal or rental vehicle and we are fully insured to do so! When coming to the Napa or Sonoma valleys you more than likely will arrive in a vehicle that’s been rented, so why pay for a hired car service when your car is sitting in the parking lot? Let us be your designated driver and we’ll ensure your day goes smoothly!

How it works

What? We drive YOUR car? YES! This is what’s considered to be a Designated Driver Service. 

Our driver arrives at your lodging location, leaves their car and joins you in yours!

We are insured and have what’s called a non-owner/operator policy. This allows us to drive your rental without adding the driver onto your rental plan. If something were to happen, our insurance kicks in as primary and we have ample coverage to handle any damage that may happen. ** We have never had a claim**


So much more than just a Designated Driver!

Even though you’re contracting with us to be your driver, you get so much more than that. Our drivers know both Napa and Sonoma Valleys and as a designated driver, we’re here to ensure you have a great time and learn about this amazing wine region.

From information on the vast history surrounding this amazing wine region to understanding the intricacies of wine making and grape growing, we’re available to talk about and help you explore this world class destination

Designated Driver Service

We drive your car, starting at $50/hr

Car Service

Don't have a vehicle? No worries, we're here to help! Starting at $85/hr

Concierge Service

Need help planning your wine country visit? Starting at $100/day

Photography Service

Want a Paparazzi for the day? Starting at $150/day