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About Us

Learn about our team and why we love doing what we do!

About Wine Tasting Driver

We are a group of fun-loving, wine-loving people who are social, friendly and looking to show you around wine country! Whether you’re visiting Napa or Sonoma Valley, our guides are here to share knowledge, laughter and conversations about wine or anything else in between.

We are not the stuffy, polyester suit wearing limousine driver that detaches from the group. We are right in the middle of it with you, during your car ride between stops, and of course available to help throughout the day – from running errands to picking up lunch, we’ll make sure you have the best time possible.

Why we started Wine Tasting Driver

Most of us are in the 2nd part of our career life and the idea of hanging out with people who want to know more about Napa and Sonoma was intriguing. Our fearless leader comes from the marketing world where he spent years helping wineries grow their marketing and sales channels.

Working with such amazing wineries allowed Gary to understand the needs of both the winery and the consumer and that most times, when the perfect match happens between the two, a fantastic relationship forms and everyone is happy!

We really pride ourselves on being a core component of your trip to wine country because from the first moment you begin working with out team, we will ensure you have everything laid out in a way that makes sense and will ensure a successful day.

Designated Driver Service

We drive your car, starting at $50/hr

Car Service

Don't have a vehicle? No worries, we're here to help! Starting at $85/hr

Concierge Service

Need help planning your wine country visit? Starting at $100/day

Photography Service

Want a Paparazzi for the day? Starting at $150/day